Transporting works of art: special expert service

WES is specialised in the packing and transport of works of art in France and abroad. Whatever the destination or the nature of the request, WES has precise solutions for transport and delivery of paintings and sculptures. The works of art are handled with extreme care. These objects being of a fragile nature, handling is done extra carefully by specialised personnel, so as to avoid risk of damage. Preferred partner of many art professionals, the WES experts can advise you, make complete estimates including the best options for packing the items, transport insurance and the means of shipment. Safe in our wooden transport containers, all types of merchandise, including fragile frames, can be shipped. WES ensures secure transport for all your requirements and, whether a collection or a single unique item, all are treated with the same rigorous care.

Packaging for works of art and paintings

Whether for transport in France or abroad, the packaging of paintings, frames and works of art is of primary importance in order to protect and guarantee safe arrival of fragile items. Varying, depending on the type of delivery, WES know-how, experience and solutions guarantee the security of your goods during the transport.

The WES specialised teams guarantee the respect of rules and packing standards imposed in certain destination countries.

WES makes made to measure transport containers respectful of international phytosanitary standards for wood (NIMP15) in order to protect and firmly hold your paintings, sculptures and other pieces of art.

The insurance for the works of art covers the risks related to transport. AD VALOREM insurance is essential to cover the real value of the pieces of art transported. Our storage facilities are heated, secure and adapted to customers’ stocking requirements before shipment.

Transport of works of art and shipping paintings

Situated in Paris, Nice and Monaco WES transport is at the heart of the art market. This proximity, together with our experience, means we can offer adaptable transport solutions according to the type of piece of art to be transported. For the shipment of a sculpture or the delivery of a painting, WES takes everything into consideration to meet your requirements concerning the security of the item you wish to ship.

Our daily mission is to ensure maximum security for your shipments of fragile or voluminous items. The weight and size of the item to be handled, are parameters which influence the type of packaging and the choice of the means of transport. The role of WES is to inform and advise you on the arrangements to be made to ensure optimal transport conditions for safe transport. We can advise on specific packing types for your works of art as well as art insurance.

WES can also adjust the type of transport to your budget or to the urgency of your request. (Road, Sea, Air or dedicated transport). Moreover, our experienced teams help with the preparation of documents and customs formalities for your imports and exports.

WES can organise the final delivery respecting your requirements concerning the fragility of the item. For this, we also propose complementary services: special handling, white glove specials, cranes, unpacking, removal of empty packing cases and storage.

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