Transport of dangerous products: shipping perfumes safely

Shipping of certain merchandise is subject to regulative restrictions. Whether it’s raw materials necessary for your production, or the finished products which you design and deliver, you must either personally conform to the legislation, or retain the services of a specialist on the subject. Of course, above and beyond the issues of respecting the legislation, it is a question of safety and security. Mastering all the facets of transporting dangerous materials, the teams at WES are available to ensure your products are delivered in maximum security conditions.

The shipping of perfume in France, or exporting it, is an operation requiring many precautions. The composition of the product (mostly alcohol) makes it potentially dangerous if the packaging, the handling and the transport are not carried out in optimal conditions. The product is not only toxic for man, but also for the environment. This is why, for every perfume shipment, the same as for every other dangerous product, special packaging which ensures no substance leakage or loss must be used. Also, during the transportation of perfume, whether in France or for international destinations, the parcels containing the bottles must be handled with care to ensure they are not damaged, creating a risk. Thanks to detailed know-how and rigorous follow-up, WES advises you and assists with the shipment of these dangerous products, all the while respecting the current regulatory restraints.

ADR Transport: secure transport of dangerous goods over land

European regulations concerning the movements of goods considered dangerous are to be found in the ”European Agreement on international road transport of dangerous materials” (ADR). Under this regulation, certain products are considered dangerous because of the potential risk they represent for man or the environment. In order to transport them, they must be securely packaged and all the specific rules about man handling and warehousing must be followed. The packaging, and the choice of an adequate means of transport, contribute to ensuring safe and risk-free transfer of these products. Well versed in all the rules concerning ADR transport, the specialists at WES can offer the delivery service adapted to the regulatory stipulations. These offers for transporting dangerous products are prepared with care and precision.

This service is available for shipments in ‘LQ’ limited quantities to France and the majority of European countries (27 countries). It is not necessary to make a dangerous product declaration for ADR transport.

Transporting perfume by air: our know-how and expertise

The international air transport association (IATA) sets the rules to be respected for air transport of dangerous products. Shipment of dangerous products and materials must respect the stringent rules to the letter. The WES teams are trained to accompany you and manage your air shipments of perfume.

Any error or omission in the transport of dangerous goods will generate delays because the transporter of the perfume package will refuse the delivery if the shipment does not conform to international legislation, e.g. labelling, packaging, or dangerous goods declarations which must be filled out for each shipment. The transport rules concerning the perfume quantities and type of product to be shipped vary and are constantly changing. The WES teams give you the best advice for your perfume shipments.

To ensure safe shipment of your perfumes, it is strongly recommended to consult a specialist in dangerous goods transport. WES offers you the necessary expertise and assistance with this mission. After many years of experience in the perfume market, WES has developed real expertise. Thanks to our network of partners, we can offer more than 136 destinations world-wide for perfume exports.

Our aim is to facilitate the transfer of your samples and your perfume orders internationally.

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