Customs clearance: a large range of services

Customs clearance is an important step in the smooth handling of imports or exports. WES can advise on how to simplify, accelerate and carry out your customs formalities.

WES has the status of approved economic operator (OEA), which offers numerous advantages in administrative operations at an international level. For our customers, it’s a guarantee of accelerated customs clearance procedures and smoother handling of the flux of goods entering or leaving the territory.

The expertise of WES as a Customs agent combined with the efficiency of our employees and partners means we can best advise you on the various steps and take care of all your customs formalities.

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The advantages of a customs forwarder

Thanks to our status of Customs Forwarding Agent, WES offers an advisory service and handles the formalities for both import and export operations. Our certification as an Approved Economic Operator (OEA N° 00164058) guarantees the excellence of our operations and offers recognition as a privileged go-between by the customs authorities. Payment of customs duties, obtaining an ATA document or other specific administrative procedures are hence accelerated and simplified by our team of experts.

WES services include all the customs procedures, from the simplest to the most complex. Inward and outward processing, clearance of transport documents, CITES, refuelling, expert licenses for cultural property....

WES, accredited in the role of customs commissioner, works on a daily basis aiming to deliver a reliable up to date service, adapted to the needs of each customer. Knowledge and use of the DELTA remote processing system means you benefit from efficient professional expertise, recognised and sought after by importers and exporters alike.

WES helps and facilitates the shipping process by determining the most suitable transport options, carrying out the customs declarations in your name, validating the indispensable customs documents and guiding you in the coding of your shipments.

WES informs you on applicable legislation and the enforced procedures. WES processes the customs clearance of your merchandise according to the rules and customs duties in force.

WES also enjoys the status of Fiscal Representative, and hence can accompany you in VAT matters on French territory.

The status of experienced freight forwarder enables WES to assist you all through the import and export formalities and helps you make the right choices.

The experienced freight forwarder

WES is responsible for and takes charge of the shipment of your merchandise internationally. Thanks to logistical know-how, WES chooses the transport means in adequation with your shipping needs, ensures smooth processing of the transfer and subsequent customs formalities.

WES selects the optimal solution and takes all necessary precautions to meet your needs. Thanks to expertise in customs clearance, WES can identify the risks up front and handle the transport in an optimal fashion.

As an experienced agent, WES has a wide range of contacts and well implanted logistical structures. Covering all the elements of international transport, WES stands as a key partner for companies looking for efficient customs services.

More than just a simple customs agent, WES smooths relations with all the administrations concerned in the clearance of your goods.

WES offers a wide range of services covering all the different industry sectors but particularly the more sensitive ones (works of art, collectible cars, haute couture…).

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