Transport of luxury fashion and haute couture: top of the market services from WES

The fashion industry is very demanding, requiring reactivity, rigor and precision so that their creativity can be expressed in optimal conditions. The business must keep up standards and top-quality model designs all year long to be ready for the different official presentations such as fashion week. This means the transportation of the creations, accessories and the raw materials must be made with minute care, scrupulously following the imperatives and requirements of the designers. Thanks to experienced and professional teams, WES can integrate all the constraints inherent to the fashion business and guarantees its services. The transport of ready to wear clothing or haute couture is guaranteed and secured whatever the packaging (transport on hangers, transport in wardrobes, transport in slip covers or cartons).

Your fashion items delivered as soon as possible

Several times a year the luxury businesses in the fashion and haute couture professions have planned appointments corresponding to the different Men’s and Women’s wear presentations each season. WES has become an indispensable partner in the planning and organisation of the sewing workshops. WES connects the design workshops and finishing workshops which are mostly spread throughout France and Italy. Moreover, with operations based in Turin, WES has become the specialist in Italy for the fashion industry. The closer the date of the fashion show, the more the transporter must adapt his services to the constraints of pick-up and delivery.

WES is available 24/7 to meet such requirements. WES can provide personnel for unpacking and re-packing at the site of fashion shows in both France and Italy.

Secure accompaniment in the transport of clothes and accessories

WES also works with Press services, showrooms and logistics for the luxury clothing and haute couture businesses.

Indeed, some other events create need for assistance and reactivity at any moment. It may be assistance required for an international event like the film Festival in Cannes, the Oscars in Los Angeles, accompaniment on a photo shoot in France or abroad or a last-minute delivery to the far side of the world for a VIP customer or celebrity. WES will find the most suitable solution to meet the requirements of the customers and sponsors. Either a dedicated vehicle will be used, distance permitting, or the item will be hand carried on the first train or plane leaving. WES teams manage these missions from A to Z handling all the procedures and customs clearance both at export and import.

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